Blackbird Joins SRT Alliance

SRT Alliance
(Image credit: SRT Alliance)

LONDON—Blackbird has joined the SRT Alliance, a move that’s consistent with its support open standards, the company said today.

SRT makes it possible to use unpredictable networks, such as the public internet, for low-latency content delivery. It protects against packet loss and provides secure encryption for high-value content, Blackbird said.

“Blackbird sits at the core of our customers’ video creation and publishing workflows and as a leader in internet based and cloud native video editing we are proud to join the SRT Alliance,” said Huw Dymond, director of product and operations at Blackbird.

“Integration of the SRT protocol is complete and as such the benefits of security and resilience it can bring for customers looking to leverage SRT for their workflows now have a seamless bridge from live streaming to the power of our cloud native editing platform," he continued. 

By integrating support for the protocol, Blackbird is giving organizations working with SRT inputs an opportunity to take advantage of the efficiencies of its platform, such as production flexibility, faster content creation, lower total cost of ownership and lower carbon emissions compared to on-premise video editing workflows, it said.

“Blackbird is revolutionizing the creative process with cloud native editorial workflows,” said Peter Maag, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of strategic partnerships at Haivision.

“Haivision originally developed SRT for point-to-point transmission to replace satellite to fuel broadcast facilities using low cost everyday networks from remote locations. The continued adoption of SRT by leading platforms like Blackbird further cements the protocol as a critical enabler for the latest cloud workflows that are very much in demand today," Maag continued. 

Founded in April 2017, the SRT Alliance (opens in new tab) has more than 500 members.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

Phil Kurz

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