Bitcentral and Harris Broadcast Enhance Media Management Workflows

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. — Bitcentral, Inc. and Harris Broadcast have integrated Bitcentral’s Oasis and Harris Broadcast’s Nexio line of servers, according to Rick Young, vice president of sales and product strategy at Bitcentral.

Together, the solutions enable simplified video discovery, management, collaboration and streamlined playout.

“Our Nexio servers are deployed across the globe today, and Bitcentral’s Oasis complements workflows where content owners are looking to supplement video production and playout with a media management and archiving solution,” said Harris Broadcast Vice President of Product Development Tim Mendoza.

Oasis is a flexible archive and sharing solution designed around an on-site or cloud model that allows media producers to manage, collaborate on and archive assets. Harris Broadcast’s scalable, interoperable and open Nexio servers accelerate time-to-air and dramatically reduce the costs associated with content acquisition, production, distribution and media management. The scalability and efficiency of both products combine to build innovative media management and production workflows for broadcasters, networks and video producers of all types.