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BIA is Big on Local Media for 2010

CHANTILLY, VA.: The media consultants at BIA/Kelsey have great expectations for local media this year. The firm said localism would serve broadcasters well, that new online networks would make money from hyperlocal content, and that mobile media will have a substantial impact on local advertising this year. The folks at the firm proffered their five top predictions for 2010.

“Local broadcasters have three incredibly valuable assets--local brands, local content and local sales forces. DSB analysts are advising clients to expect to see some creative broadcasters bringing these assets together in very compelling business models,” the firm said.

Targeted advertising and social media will play into the localization of mobile media, BIA said.

“The mix of technology, usage and advertiser trends will further define the pace and change of mobile media and affirm the core role mobile will play in the $140 billion local media industry,” the firm said. “In 2010... location and geotargeted advertising will represent a long-elusive revenue stream for Twitter and for third parties that mash up Twitter streams and location data. Also expect Facebook to integrate automatic location detection into the status updates that have become central to its user experience.”

BIA’s other top predictions include a rise in competition among search engines, with AOL possibly joining Bing and Yahoo! The publishers of Yellow Pages are expected to start testing ways to charge for mobile search elements.