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Bexel Picks Up Canon Zoom Lenses

BURBANK, CALIF.: Bexel has added an array of Canon HD zoom lenses to its rental equipment inventory. The purchase comes as part of Bexel’s continuing upgrade and expansion of its long-lens inventory in advance of major broadcast events up ahead this year. Included in the purchase were Canon’s DigiSuper 86II xs, DigiSuper 22 and XJ60 lenses.

The DigiSuper 86II xs is a field lens that utilizes Canon’s Power Optical System and X-Element technology and optical-design concept. By adopting these, the DigiSuper 86 xs realizes the necessary optical performance for HDTV, with a zoom ratio of 86x and improved wide angle of 9.3mm, while still maintaining a size equivalent to that of previous SDTV lenses. The Power Optical System achieves higher specifications and quality using the optical X-Element, which virtually eliminates aberrations.

As part of the Canon purchase, Bexel also added the DigiSuper 22 lens to its inventory. The DigiSuper 22 is a new HDTV studio lens design that introduces a new choice in studio system configuration. Bexel also has added Canon’s XJ60x9BIE-D lens to its inventory as part of the purchase, and purchased peripheral equipment from Canon, including servo modules and lens supporters.