Belo Taps Video Technics for Master Control

Dallas-based Belo Corp. is installing Video Technics’ Apella automation platform in four of its small and mid-market stations for its master control server needs.

WCNC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, N.C., WVES-TV, the ABC affiliate in Norfolk, Va., and KREM-TV, the CBS affiliate in Spokane Wash. will be using Apella for master control, while KMSB-TV, the Fox affiliate in Tucson, Ariz. will deploy Apella for its news production tasks.

Belo evaluated several broadcast solutions within the industry. In fact, the technology staff at WFAA-TV - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas conducted a vigorous set of functionality and VDCP automation tests in their lab to determine what brand of servers could be considered as possible candidates.

In responding to their comprehensive evaluation strategy, Video Technics developed a scope of work tailored to each station’s specific workflow requirements, shipped Apella equipment to WCNC, WVEC, and Avid Broadcast Automation to replicate the same configurations required at each facility, and discussed the testing and workflow enhancements in great detail with Belo and other vendors associated with this project multiple times a week until all issues were resolved.

“We are very impressed with the Apella features and the scalability this server solution offers in both news and master control environments, but more importantly we were impressed with the commitment Video Technics has shown by their willingness to work with other vendors to perfect the unique workflow requirements within the Belo group” said Wilson.

The scalable solution is built around the Apella HDS video server that provides 608/708 and legacy Line 21 closed caption conversions, SD/HD up & down conversion, mixed codec and file container database, and full MOS and VDCP interface support. The latest v5.1 software also features automatic media and metadata mirroring between multiple servers for full redundancy in master control playout protection. Four of the Belo stations are in the process of final beta testing the customized Video Technics solution and launch plans beginning in the April to June 2010 timeframe are underway.

Andy Tuggle, Vice President of Sales for Video Technics said, “We are very excited about our relationship with Belo and look forward to responding to the varying needs that they have in their different facilities. The Video Technics product line is diverse and flexible enough to respond to a variety of broadcast workflows.”