Belo Launches ‘Next-Gen’ Smartphone Apps

DALLAS: Belo announced the release of the next generation of its apps for the iPhone and Android. The new mobile apps have been redesigned to provide users the best experience possible for weather, traffic, and breaking news on mobile devices. To date, Belo has created and/or supplied more than 60 different apps for stations in 15 television markets, as well as other niche apps for weather and sports.

Key features include geo-located interactive radars, notifications to alert users of breaking news and events, as well as a scrolling ticker to allow for up-to-the-minute updates. The new apps will stream over 300 hours of high-quality on demand video programming each month to any video-capable mobile device. The video streams are customized based on mobile devices to ensure the best possible viewing experience and highest quality possible. The new Belo apps are currently available through the television station’s websites and app stores free to users.