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Belden offers Brilliance cables for HD production

Belden, a provider of signal transmission products to the broadcast industry, has introduced its new Brilliance line of composite camera cables, which deliver video and audio functionality to ENG/EFP cameras. Using two Belden A/V coaxial cables and four audio pairs, the new composite camera cable is ideal for the interconnection of digital remote field cameras in SDI/HDTV applications.

The new digital and analog A/V composite camera cable combines Belden RG-59 Type SDI coaxes with Belden single-pair cables for mic and IFB applications. The rugged new design is ideal for live or recorded on-site ENG, EFP and other types of on-site video recording.

The new composite camera cable is extremely flexible, even in low temperatures. Each coax is color-coded for easy channel identification, and each of the color-coded pairs have a Beldfoil shield bonded to its PVC jacket. For installers, these features result in easier installation and faster termination.

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