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BDL-Autoscript teleprompters for all applications

At NAB2003 BDL-Autoscript will launch a new 20-inch TFT flat panel on-camera teleprompter together with redesigns of its smaller 6.4 and 8.4 inch models.

The compact 20-inch teleprompter, which gives a reading range of up to 12m, has NTSC/PAL auto sensing composite video or VGA input, enhanced brightness, easily accessible controls, an incorporated cue light and an on board power supply.

The redesigned 6.4 and 8.4 inch models are now equipped with folding wide-angle hoods that clear 4.8 mm in standard format and 5.2 in 16 by 9. Both are suitable for use in the field mounted on camera using a lightweight mounting plate or handle mount for hand held applications. The 6.4-inch prompter weighs in at 3.5lb and has a low-power consumption, typically 8.4W. The 8.4-inch prompter weighs under 6lb and uses around 10W.

All BDL teleprompters provide the optimum viewing area without compromising the mobility of broadcast operations. BDL prompters give presenters the clearest view of dialogue whatever the shooting environment and used in conjunction with +WinPlus+ prompting software for Windows, offer full professional prompting facilities whether in studio or in the field.

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