Clear-Com Tapped for Olympic Comms

CCTV, the national broadcaster in China, will be using Clear-Com intercom systems for this summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing, according to the Alameda, Calif. gear maker. The network’s chief engineer, Ding Wen-Hua, said the system was particularly adept at switching between fiber and VoIP links, while other systems often needed to reboot.

Clear-Com intercoms will provide a link for CCTV between the International Broadcasting Center at the games and the network’s new broadcast facility more than 30 miles away. CCTV bought several items in the Clear-Com line, including two Eclipse Omega systems comprising 120 ports, beltpacks, digital wireless cards, additional wireless port systems for the field and several user panels with graphical support for Chinese characters.

Clear-Com also reports that 13 regional broadcasters in China will be using its gear in 14 outside broadcast trucks.