BBC Mailbox chooses Pro-Bel routing

TV programmer BBC Birmingham has selected four Pro-Bel Sirius routers for its new hi-tech production facility, BBC Mailbox. The site replaces the BBC’s famous Pebble Mill studios.

The multi-format routers handle all of the signal traffic at three of BBC Mailbox’s facilities within the new complex; including the post-production and English regions. The first two routers, dedicated to editing and file sharing within the post-production area, include a 128x128 stereo analog audio Sirius matrix and a 64x64 SDI Sirius with 48x64 time code. The facility’s transmission area will soon take delivery of a Sirius128x128 SDI and stereo audio router, which will be supplied and installed by U.K.-based systems integrator DEGA Broadcast Systems.

In addition, systems integrator Independent Project Engineering (IPE) will supply a Pro-Bel Sirius 128 router equipped with an 80x80 analog audio I/O and a 48x48 AES matrix. This will serve as the core of Mailbox's Local Radio facility.

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