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Bayerischer Rundfunk uses Vizrt Workflow to create real-time 3D maps for live, interactive touch screen

Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), a public broadcaster in Munich, Germany, is producing live, real-time 3D maps and geographic animations using a variety of Vizrt software.

BR currently presents the graphics with an interactive touch-screen display during educational television and expects to use the technology soon in sports programs.

While BR has been a long-time user of Vizrt’s Viz Curious Maps, the network recently added Viz Curious Maps Editor (CME), Viz Artist, Viz Engine, Viz Trio, and an interactive whiteboard display, to give its maps an enhanced 3D look and get them to air in real time. By adding Viz Engine to Viz Curious Maps, BR can now “render” or immediately generate both 2D and 3D maps as well as the most complex 3D animations and send them to air instantly.

Viz Artist takes 2D Curious Maps and transforms them into 3D maps and animations. Viewers not only see a place in 3D, they can “fly through” its terrain. These maps can also be developed into graphical video sequences using BR’s two new Viz Trio live graphics systems.

With Vizrt’s interactive whiteboard display, BR presenters can interactively change the way the maps and videos are displayed by touching the screen’s surface while they are giving their live report. The interactive whiteboard system was configured by placing a U-Touch interactive touch screen over a 42in Panasonic display.