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Batteries and Lighting at the 2013 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS -- Without battery packs and AC supplies, camera crews would be powerless on their shoots. Suppliers in this category are challenged to produce long run times while cutting the weight and size of their products. Further, as sensor resolution goes up in cameras, they need to draw power at a high rate, which require high output battery packs.

Anton Bauer DIONIC HD Anton/Bauer will introduce its DIONIC HD battery pack, a 183 Wh battery delivering up to 10 amps of power capable of powering digital cinema cameras such as the Sony F65, RED cameras, ARRI Alexa and Vision Research Phantom. Also new from A/B is the next-generation Power Charger 3000 Series, featuring simultaneous fast charging, expanded communications, and easy upgrading via Wi-Fi or USB.

BHV Broadcast has updated its Video Ghost, a low-cost, reliable alternative to batteries that brings phantom power to digital video. Video Ghost now provides 65 Watts of power at 12 Volts for camera headends and remote monitors using existing serial digital video coaxial cable. It can also power composite to SDI converters at the camera to avoid signal degradation suffered by composite video over distances.

Boxx TV will debut its new 26-Volt camera battery for high-current cameras such as the Alexa and Phantom.

Frezzi Energy Systems will showcase its large line of Lithium Ion battery packs. The batteries are available in 100 Wh or 200 Wh models, providing high capacity at a low weight. The company’s high-capacity FLB-200 provides long-running time to power hungry HD and 4K camcorders, even while powering an oncamera light fixture. Frezzi will also demonstrate its FLC-2 Dual Chargers, which offer simultaneous charging while still allowing itself to be used as an AC power supply.

IDX will debut new V-Mounts with cheese plates, including the EOS-CP(A) Canon C100/300/500 Adaptor kit and the BCC-CP(A) adaptor kit for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

PAG Power for DSLR and digital cinema cameras
PAG will introduce its new battery mounts and power leads that make it possible to power the latest DSLR and digital cinema cameras via its PAGlink V-Mount Li- Ion Batteries.


If the number of companies selling LED lighting fixtures continues to multiply at the rate it has the past couple of years, lighting suppliers may need their own exhibit hall. Where once LED fixtures were relegated to soft-light fixtures best suited as flood/fill lights, Fresnel-lensed and Elipsoidal fixtures are now well entrenched in the lineup of LED fixtures.

After acquiring the digital lighting division of PRG, Cineo Lighting will be at the show with a new compact ballast for its TruColor HS, TruColor Foton, along with a small, portable Remote Phosphor softlight.

Frezzi Energy Systems will unveil its Frezzi HyLight HPSS Light Kits, featuring quick switchable highpower solid state LED module chip technology for super performance HMI type output in a compact travel package, with a lightweight portable carry-on case. Also new are the Hybrid Mini-Fill fixture, utilizing the highest output solid-state MR16 LED lamps and the Frezzi SkyLight High Output Solid State Luminaire, powered by onboard Frezzi batteries or an AC adaptor. With input of 75 Watts, it outputs the equivalent of a 500 Watt atungsten fixture.

ikan Corp. will debut its ID508 3 Point LED Lighting Kit, with dimmable light fixtures, three stands and a rugged tote bag that will fit in an airliner’s overhead storage space. Lights runs off AC power and Sony L Series batteries (1 or 2), and comes in Daylight or Bi-Color.

K5600 will demo its Joker Bug line as well as its Alpha 1600. At 1600 Watts, the Alpha 1600s output is comparable to that of 6000 Watts of traditional quartz fixture output. Like the Alpha 4K and 18K, the Alpha 1600 uses a composite quartz reflector, which can withstand extreme heat and be placed directly beside the lamp.

Kino Flo will demo its Celeb 200 DMX, which boasts remote DMX control and dial-in variable color control, full-range dimming and programmable 2700K to 5500K temperature presets. The company will also showcase a new line of Tegra 4Bank DMX fixtures. The portable Tegra features full-range dimming and switching, and flicker-free, full-spectrum True Match 3200K-5500K color and 1 Amp power draw; output equivalent to a 1,000 Watt tungsten softlight.

Litepanels Sola 12 Litepanels will highlight its Sola 12 (daylight) and Inca 12 (tungsten) LED Fresnel fixtures. The 12-inch Fresnel-lensed fixtures combine the performance of large Fresnels with the advantages of LED technology. Also new is the 1x1 LS Bi-Color Lighting Fixture, which provides soft, directional light adjustable from daylight to tungsten, and full 100 percent to zero dimming with no color shift.

For the ENG run-andgun shooter, Litepanels will demo its daylight balanced, on-camera LED Luma, which features a powerful, wide beam angle throw, powered by 6 AA batteries, or professional batteries via D-Tap.

Lowel Blender 3 Light Kit Lowel-Light will show its Lowel Prime LED 800, the largest in the Lowel Prime family. The fixture is available in hi- CRI dedicated daylight and tungsten color models, with wide 50 degree beam angles. Also new from Lowel is the Blender 3 Light Kit, featuring Lowel’s compact and powerful Blender LED that blends daylight and tungsten color LEDs for fill-light that perfectly matches location’s ambient light or contrasts it for visual effect.

Lowel will also introduce its GL-1 Power LED fixture, a dimmable handheld DC powered LED light in hi CRI tungsten color. With powerful output and a 5:1 Spot to flood focusing range, GL-1 lights a large area evenly or focuses in to highlight a subject.

Photon Beard will highlight a new fluorescent lighting panel that includes eight 5/8-inch diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver optimum broadcastquality illumination using the same Osram daylight or tungsten-balanced phosphors that have become industry standard in television studios around the world.

Videssence will demo a 100 Watt Fresnel LED lighting fixture, featuring a CRI of 97. The company will also premier a 200 Watt LED soft light to its line of studio fixtures. Videssence is also adding a new range of LED fixtures to its video conferencing lineup.

Zylight will showcase its F8 LED Fresnel with a new design. The 3.5-inch thick light is ideal for ENG shooters or for anyone looking to save space. The company will also show a new IS3c LED light which now includes a Chimera softbox with every instrument. The company will also show new cases and kits for its Z90 LED.