Baby Boomers say image, sound quality important for 'digital nest'

A new study from cable network TV Land indicates Baby Boomers are quite interested in and adopting new TV technologies, like HDTV, to enhance the quality of their viewing experience.

With 78 million members of the Baby Boom generation making $2.3 trillion in annual purchases, the post-World War II population segment outspends 18 to 39 year olds by 53 percent. According to the TV Land "Joy of Tech" study, Boomers are willing to use some of that money to create a digital nest at home for personal escape and family entertainment.

Sixty-five percent of Baby Boomers have tried new technology in the past three years, according to the study.

Other findings include:

  • TV is the primary driver among Boomers for entertainment technology;
  • 28 percent say on-demand control is the most important factor in their purchasing decisions for new entertainment technology;
  • 58 percent say providing high-quality viewing and listening is a very important benefit of new technologies;
  • 40 percent say having a large variety of options is a very important benefit of new technology;
  • 25 percent see the ability of keeping up with entertainment friends and family enjoy as a very important benefit;
  • 21 percent say allowing connection with family and friends is a very important benefit.