AZPM upgrades legacy UTAH-400 router for 3Gb/s HD operation

Arizona Public Media (AZPM) has expanded and upgraded its legacy Utah Scientific UTAH-400 router, which originally was manufactured and installed in 2003, for 3Gb/s HD.

AZPM, the non-profit public media organization of the University of Arizona, includes PBS stations KUAT and KUAS, as well as public radio, and a local TV production company. The UTAH-400 router and a Utah Scientific MC-2020 master control switcher support five broadcast streams of programming channels and local HD production and editing.

Initially, AZPM’s UTAH-400 was populated 64 x 64 SD. The public broadcaster installed the Utah Scientific MC-2020 SD for master control at the same time. Over the intervening period, AZPM's UTAH-400 router was upgraded and populated 112 x 96 SD video, 24 x 24 HD, with one HD MC-2020 and four SD MC-2020 processors.

In late 2008, AZPM again needed to expand the HD portion of the router in anticipation of the local production group’s transition to 1080p video. AZPM opted for 3Gb/s I/O cards, which required a simple swap of the old plug-in I/O cards. No other router modification was required.

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