AWS Certifies IMT as Systems Integrator to Support Media2Cloud

Amazon Web Services
(Image credit: Amazon)

LOS ANGELES—Integrated Media Technologies (IMT) announced it has received certification from Amazon Web Service (AWS) Partner to support Media2Cloud, a secure, serverless ingest framework.

Certification as an AWS systems integrator means media storage and processing customers can rely on IMT’s team of consultants to navigate cloud services and tap machine learning (ML) to create new value and gain new insights, IMT said.

It also means the company’s customers can use IMT’s SoDA software, which enables automated policy-based movement of on-premise content to AWS, providing them with greater efficiency in their overall asset management strategy, the company said.

With Media2Cloud, customers and AWS Partners like IMT can quickly establish a scalable workflow that supports video, images, audio files and documents. It allows customers to improve search and management of digital assets within deep archives through several AWS ML services for fast, accurate retrieval, it said.

The combination of IMT SoDA software and Media2Cloud will help users streamline and automate moving video assets and associated metadata to the cloud. Together, the solutions give users the ability to predict the cost and speed of data transfer to and from the cloud. With SoDA, media organizations can orchestrate storage from on-premise to the cloud and define storage policies based on data insights and cost, the company said.

“We are delighted to be recognized as an AWS Partner and certified systems integrator with support for Media2Cloud,” said Jason Kranitz, president, Systems Integration at IMT. “The collaboration with AWS allows us to create even more value for customers by empowering them to quickly and seamlessly extract key details from media files, making their media intelligence even smarter.”

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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