AVS Provides HD RF Cameras for NBA Finals

The Link HD RF camera system from Aerial Video Systems (AVS) was used in capturing on-court action during ABC Sports' coverage of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks in both Dallas and Miami.

In the arena, AVS used the Link HD microwave systems with a Thomson LDK-6000, which had a Canon HJ11ex4.7B wide-angle lens. HD aerials from above the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami were produced via the company-owned Partenavia twin-engine plane, using the Link HD connected to a Cineflex HD camera system.
"We continue to refine and perfect the HD RF system to the point where set up has become routine, quick and painless," said Geoff Howe, director of engineering for AVS.

The Burbank-based company's HD wireless portfolio includes Super Bowl XL, the NBA All-Star Game, the Academy Awards, the inaugural World Baseball Classic, and other high-profile events.

According to independent head-to-head tests, LINK HD demonstrated the lowest total system latency at 47 milliseconds, equal to just over one frame and less than half the latency delay of the other contenders. This is possible thanks to AVS' proprietary fiber optic antenna and converter systems. "We are continually upgrading the HD RF system to keep AVS on the cutting edge of this rapidly developing technology," said Randy Hermes, president and CEO.