AVS Graphics shuts down

At the end of June, AVS Graphics and Media, based in the UK, officially shut down. Last month, the company sent an e-mail to its existing customers that read:

“After many years of manufacturing and supporting the AVS Graphics and Media range of products, we are sorry to say good-bye as we close our doors on June 30th of this year. We have worked purely as a supporting company for the last few years and have looked after many of our existing units but due to outdated components and supply of stock we are no longer able to act in this role either. Considering there are over 3000 units out there and we have only had a handful ever really need repairing we feel very proud that we created such as solid product. It has been a pleasure serving all of you and we wish you continued success for the future.”

AVS Graphics and Media manufactured such products as the Manuscript range of character generators. Other products included: MultiBrowse media access software; StillBank, a low-cost, broadcast-quality still store; and SceneChange, shot logging software.

For more information, contact avsgmedia@gmail.com.