Autoscript Intros LED On-Camera Prompter

Autoscript, a Vitec Group brand, has announced the introduction of a new 17-inch wise-angle, on-camera prompter. The new LED17TFT-BLW system is based on the latest in Autoscript’s illumination technology—thin-film transistor (TFT) light emitting diodes.

“We are very excited to feature the wide angle LED17TFT-BLW, the latest in LED technology at this year’s CCW expo,” said Brian Larter, Autoscript’s president and managing director. “The benefits of the LED technology that Autoscript is utilizing far outweigh those of fluorescent back-lit monitors. LED technology has major advantages for display longevity, performance, reliability, and ‘green’ energy savings all which significantly help with a broadcaster’s bottom line.”

The new prompter display consumes significantly less power than existing TFT displays. This is an important consideration for on-camera prompter monitors that are powered from camera head sources.