Atomos Includes Camera-to-Cloud Functionality To Zato CONNECT

(Image credit: Atomos)

MELBOURNE, Australia—Atomos has added Camera-to-Cloud (C2C) function to its Zato CONNECT, a lightweight, battery-operated 5-inch monitor-recorder.

Zato CONNECT makes virtually any HDMI camera or webcam C2C-capable. Powered by, Camera to Cloud accelerates content creation by reducing how long it takes to go from acquisition to post-production, it said.

C2C eliminates the time formerly needed to ship hard drives and copy files between devices. Zato hero files are uploaded directly to the cloud from the camera so that editors and remote stakeholders, such as producers, directors and clients, can begin working on material immediately, it said.

With the new update, Zato can upload a copy of the fixed bitrate H.264 file recorded to an SD card directly to, it said.

“Unlike our other networked CONNECT devices, Zato doesn’t record ProRes or DNx, so there is no hero file relinking in this workflow,” said Paul Scurrell, Atomos senior vice president. “This solution is designed for getting edited content super-fast to social media platforms, where the HD H.264 quality is more than acceptable.”

The company will show Zato CONNECT with Camera to Cloud to the public for the first time Feb. 24-25 at BSC Expo, Battersea Evolution, London.

“With Zato CONNECT, shooting directly to the cloud is now affordable for virtually every budget,” said Michael Cioni, senior director of global innovation at Zato is the fastest way to speed up capture, edit and delivery to social media in the market.” 

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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