ATI introduces new digital audio DAs

ATI's new DXA series audio distribution amplifiers include transformer-isolated 110 ohm XLR inputs and outputs for easy system integration.

Audio Technologies (ATI) has introduced six new AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifiers.

ATI has four new models designed to fit in a 1 RU space in 1X4, 1X6, 2X6 and 2X12 versions. The company has also redesigned its existing DDA206-XLR and DDA212-XLR products.

The inputs and outputs of the new DXA series are transformer isolated 110 ohm XLRs. The DXA distribution amplifiers process digital audio sample rates from 27 to 96 kHz with propagation delay of less than 300 nanoseconds. The distributed outputs are de-clocked and regenerated with low jitter (less than 3 nanoseconds peak-peak) to meet the most demanding digital audio signal distribution requirements of broadcast radio and television; satellite uplink and downlink; and, studio and large venue applications.

Paralleled loop-through outputs permit almost unlimited expansion. SPDIF models using RCA connectors and 75 ohm AES/EBU models with BNC connectors are also available. The redesigned DDA206-XLR and DDA212-XLR retain all of the features and performance of the units they replace but at new, lower prices points.

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