Aspera Awarded U.S. Patent on Bulk Data Transport Technology

EMERYVILLE, CALIF: Data transport specialistAspera, said it received a U.S. patent for its “fasp” bulk-data transport protocol. The patent covers Aspera’s core technology for high-performance transport of bulk data—large files, objects and data sets—over wide area networks. It was developed as an alternative to FTP, HTTP and traditional NAS protocols. The company was awarded similar patents last year from the European Patent Office in February and the Japanese Patent Office in September.

Aspera says its technology “achieves transfer speeds up to thousands of times faster than alternative methods by delivering ideal bandwidth efficiency and precise speed control independent of data size, network delay and packet loss.”

It’s filing is: USPTO Patent #8,085,781—Bulk data transport protocol that yields high bulk data transfer speeds over commodity networks (of any bandwidth, delay, and loss rate) with sufficient transmission efficiency to allow for independent transfer rate control. As a result, the system provides applications exhaustive, configurable, real-time control of transfer rates over the universal commodity network while remaining stable and predictable.