Ascent Media Using Rhozet's Carbon Coder

Ascent Media Group has selected the Rhozet Corp. Carbon Coder technology for use with Ascent's multinode "farm" video transcoding configurations.

Ascent is a provider of solutions for content creation, management and distribution to major motion picture studios, broadcast networks, independent producers, advertising agencies and cable channels. During the past year, Ascent's business in transcoding has grown from less than 100 operations per month to more than 10,000. The company selected the Carbon Coder product based on its versatility in meeting Ascent's specific workflow.

"We found that what is even more important than the flexibility, speed and stability of Carbon Coder is the engineering team at Rhozet," said Andy Shenkler, vice president of operations at Ascent Media Group's Global Digital Media Center. "We've been able to work closely with the team to incorporate Carbon Coder seamlessly into our workflows based on the needs of our market. The outcome of this collaboration is a cost-effective, scalable farm solution that makes it possible to meet our customers' growing media needs."

The Rhozet Carbon Coder is a universal transcoding product for facilitating transfer of media between acquisition, editing, play-out and archiving, along with Web and mobile purposing.