Arris, Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 Devices Get First PacketCable Certification

Industry consortium CableLabs has awarded certified status to Arris and Motorola for devices that have integrated DOCSIS 3.0 with the ability to deliver cable digital voice.

It’s the first certification for PacketCable Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapters (EMTAs), which also incorporate the high-speed, channel-bonding technology of DOCSIS 3.0.

The certification means cable operators will have gear to deploy in cable systems where they seek to deliver digital voice communications, as well as data at high downstream data rates. DOCSIS 3.0 specifications enable downstream data rates of 160 Mbps or higher and upstream data rates of 120 Mbps or higher.

“This is a significant step forward that demonstrates very rapid progress by our suppliers in integrating these two broadband technologies,” said Ed Miller, CableLabs senior vice president of broadband network services. “The availability of integrated components could lead to less capital expense for consumers and our members as they purchase and deploy these modems for voice and data services. Congratulations to Arris and Motorola on their achievement.”

CableLabs also noted that major electronics companies have signed on to the industry’s tru2way technology.

Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Corp. of North America, set-top makers ADB and Digeo and chipmaking giant Intel have signed binding memorandums of understanding with the nation’s six cablers to develop devices for the technology.

Intel plans to build a system-on-a-chip that will support a variety of tru2way devices, including DTVs, set-top-boxes, DVRs, and other devices.

The six cable operators—Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Charter and Bright House Networks—together represent more than 80 percent of all cable subscribers and 105 million homes passed.

Time Warner Cable President Glenn Britt said his company has already distributed nearly 1 million tru2way devices.

Detailed terms of the MOU have not yet been released while other potential signatories complete their review of the document.

Java-based tru2way aims to be a national platform for the creators of interactive services to develop write-once, run-anywhere products.

Read more about the CE-cable deal in the June 25 issue of TV Technology.