Arqiva Utilizes File-Based Broadcast Playout Workflow Powered by Signiant

BURLINGTON, MASS.— Broadcast media services company Arqiva has deployed a content ingest and delivery system based on intelligent file movement software provider Signiant’s software for a simple, efficient approach to file-based workflow automation.

Already in use by BlackBelt TV in the U.S., the automated playout system provides remote content ingest, automated workflows and complete visibility into content delivery. 

Broadcasters often rely on media service providers to create and deliver content in the multiplicity of required transmission formats and languages, and Signiant’s file movement solutions automate and manage the file-based delivery process.

“We relied on Signiant software and Arqiva to meet tight deadlines for Blackbelt TV’s Africa launch by accelerating the movement hundreds of hours of programming from LA to London,” said Adrian Schmotolocha, COO at Blackbelt TV. “Using Arqiva’s intelligent hub as a single playout source lets us reach a range of different markets fast. Signiant’s software helped average out our throughput rates to get much faster transmission speeds —and reduce errors, enabling us to confidently meet our compressed operational timeframes.”

Signiant’s Managers+Agents software is a private cloud solution for sharing media assets. It interrogates Arqiva’s automated database and queries whether or not ingested content is known to the system. If it is known, the workflow engine delivers it into online storage or transcoding applications as required. If content is not known, the system will store it offline, or use customer-provided metadata to publish records into the automation system. Software agents installed on the sending and receiving ends manage and track content movement to certify delivery.

“Broadcast service providers don’t have time, staffing level or budget to keep working in the same old way,” said David Nortier, General Manager, Signiant EMEA. “To stay competitive, they must find new ways to automate traditionally manual processes while ensuring the highest quality.”