Ariane Launches Two Geostationary Satellites

Arianespace reported the Optus and Defence C1 satellite and the BSAT-2c satellite were successfully placed into orbit using an Ariane 5 Generic launcher launched from Kourou, French Guiana on Wednesday, June 11.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. of Japan was the prime contractor for Optus and Defence C1. Space Systems Loral designed, assembled and integrated the bus and satellite system. Optus and Defence C1 will be positioned at 156 degrees East and provide commercial communications services for Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Hawaii. The satellite also carries transponders to provide dedicated links for the Australian Department of Defence.

BSAT-2c was built by Orbital Services Corpo. in Dulles, Va. and will be positioned at 110 degrees East. It has four Ku-band transponders that will be used to provide direct TV broadcast services throughout Japan.

More details on the mission are available on the Arianespace web site.