AP and Meltwater to Collaborate on Product Innovation

NEW YORK—Subscription only-news aggregator Meltwater and The Associated Press have entered into an agreement to develop products based on AP’s content and Meltwater’s technical expertise in online media analytics.

With this agreement, the parties have resolved all pending disputes, including all appeals, resulting from the AP lawsuit filed against Meltwater in February 2012, claiming copyright infringement,

“There is more to be gained by working together to develop new markets and reaching new customers than can be achieved through adversarial paths and we are eager to forge a strong relationship with AP,” said Meltwater CEO and Founder Jorn Lyseggen. “Content providers and technology innovators need to come together.”

“The litigation is behind us, and we are looking forward to partnering with Meltwater in a positive and constructive relationship going forward,” said AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt. “With Meltwater's expertise and innovative approach to develop new products for new markets and the depth and speed of AP’s global content, we can provide customers both new and existing products focused on their needs.”