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AOptix Technologies shows wireless link for HD sports production

AOptix Technologies, a developer of ultra-high bandwidth laser communication solutions, said it has demonstrated successful Free-Space Optical (FSO) lasercom link transmission tests for a national sports TV network in New York.

The company said the recent demonstrations showcased the benefit of eliminating a long fiber run to an HD camera feed above the New York skyline. The AOptix broadcast lasercom terminals were located atop the GM Building on 5th Avenue and near the production truck, 1km away in Central Park. The 2.5Gb/s bidirectional link consisted of an uncompressed 1080i camera and GigE feeds through a single, line-of-site, single-mode fiber connection.

AOptix said its lasercom technology offers significant benefits over RF links for ultra-high bandwidth point-to-point applications. These include an order of magnitude higher bandwidth with the capability to transmit an HD signal more than 3mi at 10Gb/s.

With the AOptix lasercom system, the company said Adaptive Optics technology enables each optical link to support multiple channels of uncompressed or compressed HDTV feeds —eliminating the complexity of duplicate backup feeds. This approach can simplify deployment, slash setup time, lower power generation requirements and reduce hardware costs. It also offers new options in wireless network configurations that would have been too slow and costly before.

At the center of the AOptix system is the LCT-5 lasercom terminal, which provides the capability to complete 10Gb/s FSO wireless transmissions. The backend I/O hardware completes the solution with a generic interface for standard broadcast equipment, supporting multiple configurations of uncompressed 1080i and 720p video, AES audio, RTS intercom and GigE.

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