Anton/Bauer keeps track of capacity with new battery management software

Anton/Bauer has developed a new USB Battery Management application that will help production companies, broadcasters and rentals facilities keep track of battery power across multiple units, for the life of those batteries. The complete solution includes the new Battery Management software and a USB to Anton/Bauer battery mount adapter, which streamlines battery maintenance protocols while delivering critical information to camera operators.

The software calculates how long a given battery will run on a given camera, based on an included database of professional video cameras and their respective load rating in Watts. The operator simply selects the camera model, and the software automatically displays the runtime for the installed battery. Users can also enter camera specifications into the data base.

When a battery is installed on the USB Battery Manager bracket, information is downloaded from the battery via the software into a PC. The software will automatically open a file based on the battery serial number and date of manufacture and store all battery related data for the purpose of usage tracking. While storing data on the available battery information, the Battery Management software offers a user-defined battery capacity trip point selection for invoking an early warning e-mail as the battery approaches 60 percent or 70 percent of capacity, for example. The software also provides for end user defined options for a local, regional and Anton/Bauer e-mail addresses.

Essential information such as the battery model name with a picture of the installed battery, the battery’s temperature, voltage, present capacity, learned capacity, nameplate capacity and serial number are also displayed. A graphical representation of the battery’s real-time “fuel gauge” also appears on the screen, displaying percent of capacity and remaining runtime.