Antennas Direct Adds to Its ClearStream Micron Series

Antennas Direct introduced two models to its ClearStream Micron Antennas Series. The series now includes the ClearStream Micron R and ClearStream Micron XG, adding the features of a signal magnifying reflector and a low-noise amplifier to the ClearStream Micron’s design.

With millions of over-the-air viewers in urban landscapes, Antennas Direct developed the reflector and low-noise amplifier to improve signal reliability in areas affected by tall buildings and other unique obstructions. The ClearStream Micron R with reflector gathers incoming signals and focuses them on the driven element, doubling the power of the antenna. The ClearStream Micron XG incorporates both the new reflector and a low-noise amplifier, enhancing the signal up to 20 dB with a range of up to 35 miles.

“With young cord cutters, we knew that one of our biggest growth segments was in urban areas,” said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. “Nearly 70 percent of antenna-reliant homes use an indoor antenna. People want a sleek, high-performance antenna, capable of HDTV reception, with the reliability of an outdoor design.”

The ClearStream Micron XG is available now. The ClearStream Micron R will be available in September.