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Antennas Direct 1Q Sales Up 224 Percent

ST. LOUIS,MO.: Antennas Direct said demand for over-the-air antennas has pushed sales for the company’s first quarter of 2009 up 224 percent over the year-ago period. The Midwest manufacturer said it went from a one-man operation to a multimillion dollar business.

“Educating the public on the differences in television antenna technology has been one of our biggest challenges,” said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. “But people are beginning to understand--not in technical terms, but results--that there is a difference among antennas when it comes to digital reception. Our sales in first quarter of 2009 totaled over $2 million, which is more revenue than our company made the entire year of 2006.”

Antennas Direct announced last year that its ClearStream antennas would be sold at Best Buy stores nationwide. The company also launched its nationwide tour to raise DTV transition awareness and promote the antennas, resulting in Best Buy doubling its monthly orders, the company said.