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AMS Neve debuts DFC Gemini, AudioFile SC/X technology

AMS Neve showed its latest product offering for digital mixing of sound for pictures, the DFC Gemini.

DFC Gemini combines the mixing and editing processes into a fully integrated workflow for premier facilities. DFC Gemini has many innovative features, including WavTrak display of audio track data by channel.

The DFC Gemini allows facilities to remain open to all incoming formats and ways of working, future-proofing their investment against short-lived fashions.

Alongside DFC Gemini, AMS Neve showed its new-generation AudioFile technology with its powerful engine, sophisticated networking and advanced plug-ins. As part of AMS Neve’s open philosophy of providing professional solutions and unrestricted transfer between systems, users of various workstations such as ProTools can co-habit in harmony with the Gemini integration.

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