AMC to Convert 4,500 Theaters to ‘Super HD’

While 3D seems to be hogging the new media spotlight lately, the huge AMC theater chain in North America is planning to spend some serious bucks gearing up its 4,500 theatre screens with 4K Sony projectors.

That is changing, as AMC Theaters has struck a deal to convert the entire chain—more than 4,500 screens—to 4K-capable Sony filmless projectors, which should prompt cinema image quality noticeably superior to 1080p. What’s more, say some observers, AMC’s projector project alone could suddenly make 4K a viable option that will be noticed both by the Hollywood studios and (AMC hopes) the public, which is now used to large HD screens and surround sound in their living rooms.

The physical process of film moving through a projector track, regardless of how precise the mechanism or the original film quality, can inherently create a blurring effect (usually subtle and seemingly unnoticed). While 2K cinema is typically as sharp, or sharper, than 1080p, the leap to 4K can be dramatic to the point of viewer immersion (and all this, without any 3D, per se).

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