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AmberFin launches new format converter

AmberFin has announced a new format converter as part of its iCR software range. The unit is designed to support the increasing need for file-based workflows that require upconverting existing content from 576i to 720p or 1080i for HD transmission.

The iCR format converter is also specifically relevant for companies looking to take advantage of HD Web delivery, which uses primarily 720p but has recently started to require 1080p. A range of other up/down/crossconversion modes also appeal to post-production houses in need of high-quality file format conversion.

The iCR format converter is ideal for use in a file-based workflow. Competitive hardware format converters can need a device to turn the incoming files into video and then another device to convert video back into files. The result is three purchases of three separate devices.

By contrast, the iCR format converter completes all processes in one software application and also includes a transcoding toolset. This allows users to work with a much larger range of input and output file formats than those available with a hardware format converter.