Amazon Fire TV Rolls Out ‘Live’ Tab

SEATTLE—While there are a number of different services available to deliver live content to consumers these days, Amazon Fire TV has a new feature that will bring it all into a single location. Amazon has announced the creation of a “Live” tab on all Fire devices and Fire TV edition smart TVs, which features live sports, news and channels from select OTT services, streaming apps, paid subscriptions and over-the-air antennas.

The new feature works with Fire TV live TV integrated apps, which include Pluto TV, Red Bull TV, PlayStation Vue, Philo and the Prime Video Channels feature. Fire TV Edition smart TVs and Fire TV Recast devices can also add antenna channels to the live tab.

The Live tab is found right next to the Home tab. When viewing the Live tab, it will show the most recent channels viewed across all of the integrated apps, have genre rows and rows for specific integrated apps or antenna channels. Amazon says that the order of the rows can be customized.

Amazon will make the Live tab available for Fire TV customers in the next week.