Altacert Puts Radio And TV to the Test

For industry professionals who want to add another credential to their resume or for employers who want to measure the knowledge of job candidates, Altacert Institute, a Fortescue, N.J.-based non-profit association, has developed a Broadcast Professional Certification Program Web site at with over 20 proficiency and certification tests on radio and TV broadcasting.

Television broadcast categories range from Account Executive and General Manager to Broadcast Engineer, Meteorologist and TV Studio Operations Specialist. The tests, available for free in both international and domestic USA versions, are accessible 24/7 via the Instascore Online Testing System.

Employers and personnel managers can administer the tests on site to evaluate specific knowledge of a candidate in one or more radio or TV broadcast disciplines. Subject tests target both radio and TV broadcasting, but do not measure specific knowledge of the broadcast industry and are not part of the Broadcast Professional Certification Program. The tests, including Weather/Meteorology, Management and Electronics Technician, are meant to evaluate entry-level broadcast industry job candidates with limited to no previous experience.

Applicants that submit the one page online test registration form and complete any online test receive a Pass/Fail indication plus a test score. Those who pass will be eligible to receive a free proficiency rating or offered the option of either "Certification" (the level of which to be determined by experience) or a "Certificate of Proficiency," with a five-year term and certificate for a fee. The Advisory/Assessment Committee is composed of Altacert's founder, Richard Arsenault, a former broadcast station proprietor and seven other broadcast professionals with a range of industry experience.