All Six 'Star Wars' Films to Air in HD

The six motion pictures in the complete "Star Wars" series will all be offered in HD for the first time and aired as a group on Cinemax, the premium cable channel, in November as part of a marketing campaign. The Time Warner outlet reportedly will become the first channel to air the original three movies (dating back to the 1970s) in HD.

The newer trilogy of movies, which are actually prequels to the original films, were produced with HD technology and already have aired in HD on Cinemax and HBO. Yet the six motion pictures have never run together in some sequential order, according to published reports.

Cinemax has not released it plans for how the films will air, whether it be according to when they were first released in theaters, or chronologically according to the storyline, which could mean the latter three films would air prior to the original movies -- the first of which were released nearly 30 years ago. Some limited digitally enhanced scenes, not technically possible when first released, were added to the original three films when they were marketed several years ago on standard DVD disc.