All Mobile Video Chooses Miranda Converters for Matrix Flypack

All Mobile Video (AMV), a provider of mobile production facilities for the broadcast and entertainment industries, has chosen Miranda up- and down-converters for the AMV Matrix Flypack, a new highly portable production system. The Matrix Flypack is a modular production system that breaks down into several manageable road cases and can handle up to 16 HD cameras.

Miranda will supply its QUC-801i upconverter and QDC-801i downconverter cards, as well as a variety of A/D, D/A and processing components for the Matrix Flypack systems. The QUC-801i upconverter is an SDI-to-HD device that includes a built-in frame synchronizer, aspect-ratio conversion and audio delay compensation. The QDC-801i downconverter is a 10-bit HD-to-SDI device that can de-embed digital audio, timecode and closed captions from the HD-SDI signal and re-embed them in the SD-SDI signal.