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Albanian news channel streamlines graphics, prepares for HD transition

News 24, a 24-hour news channel in Albania, has upgraded its on-air graphics capabilities with Chyron's Channel Box² channel branding and LEX³.¹ graphics systems.

The Chyron solutions will be a key new component in News 24's migration to HD broadcasting slated for later this year.

"The Chyron systems have accelerated uploading and delivery of news to air, and since our journalists are spending much less time on graphics presentations, they can focus on their real work of gathering and delivering the news," said Arianit Filopati.

Chyron's Channel Box² and LEX³.¹ replaced previous graphics systems that had been in place since 2002. Those systems required three separate PCs for generating crawls, news subtitles in Albanian and English, and main titles for the live broadcast. Many graphics creation and data input tasks had been manual and time-consuming, requiring up to five journalists to cut and paste each set of data into the user interface. With the new Chyron systems, News 24 has streamlined many graphics and data input tasks.

Deployed to facilitate the station's channel branding, Channel Box²'s automated data handling capabilities and data gateways enable seamless import of news and graphical data — accelerating workflows for delivering news broadcasts to air. From one single Channel Box², the News 24 team is able to generate and play out 13 different graphical components that are broadcast day and night, including text, crawls, video DVE, animated logos, hour and date, and various clips in support of the current news topic.

The LEX³.¹ graphics playout system enables News 24 journalists to enhance each on-air news broadcast with a rich set of graphics and last-minute changes. In fast-paced live coverage, the LEX³.¹ system's template-based text and graphics enable instant updates from data feeds and databases.