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AJA Streamlines RED, Canon XF and Ki Pro Mini Workflow

GRASS VALLEY, CALIF.: AJA Video Systems has released a new firmware version for its Ki Pro Mini digital recorder that enables the Red Epic, Red One, and certain Canon XF cameras to pass metadata directly to Ki Pro Mini via a single SDI cable. The update significantly streamlines the workflow between Ki Pro Mini and Red’s or Canon’s high-resolution imagery on set and in post.

With the new v2.6 software, Ki Pro Mini takes advantage of SDI ancillary metadata information including start/stop commands, timecode information, reel name, and clip name from the Red Epic and Red One cameras. This new feature provides an unparalleled level of integration with Red cameras when compared to other digital video recorders.

“The gear from AJA has been enabling and enhancing production and post workflows since the Red One began shipping a few years ago, and they continue that type of support for our newest camera, the Epic,” said Ted Schilowitz of Red. “Their new Ki Pro Mini continues these benefits by now supporting direct high quality ProRes capture simultaneously while shooting cinema quality 5k on the Epic. The Ki Pro Mini is small, lightweight and can mount as an extension to the Epic camera body or anywhere nearby the camera. When you roll and cut the EPIC, the Ki Pro Mini rolls and cuts as well with full clip name and matching timecode, allowing instant offline editing and file viewing at broadcast quality. It’s a great benefit to the shooting process.”

AJA software v2.6 for Ki Pro Mini is currently available through AJA’s website.