AJA Gear Backbone for City of Santa Barbara Streaming Efforts

AJA City of Santa Barbara
(Image credit: AJA)

GRASS VALLEY, Calif.—Live streaming has become an integral part of how the City of Santa Barbara has communicated with its residents, thanks in part to AJA technology that has been incorporated into the city’s live streaming infrastructure.

City TV Production streams and records all City of Santa Barbara council meetings and other programming to YouTube, which members of the community can watch either live or on-demand. Content is captured using 12 HD cameras across three meeting rooms that are connected to a master control room via fiber and Cat5e cabling. Audio and video feeds are sent out of each room through a production switcher to create the main feed, which is then sent through a router to one of three AJA HELO H.264 streaming devices.

AJA U-TAP SDIs are also used by City TV, connected via USB to local computers to ensure a clean signal for adding virtual participants via apps like GoTo Meeting or Zoom. The received video feed is then sent through an AJA HELO for live streaming to YouTube.  AJA Ki Pro Rack recorders are also in use to backup Apple ProRes codec on AJA KiStor drives.

Other AJA products used as part of the infrastructure include AJA Mini-Converters to support conversion between SDI and HDMI equipment, as well as AJA FS1 converters/frame synchronizers to facilitate conversion of analog component material to HD-SDI for import into the production system.

The AJA HELO also is part of City TV’s live streaming flypack, which includes three HD cameras, a switcher, a router and an AJA HELO in the event of off-site production.

The City TV infrastructure was built by Triton Technology Solutions.