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Adobe releases Creative Cloud

Adobe has launched its much trailed Creative Cloud (CC). As well as new features beyond CS6, CC is sold under a different business model. Instead of outright purchase, followed by the purchase of an upgrade every year or so, CC is sold on a subscription basis. Full membership to the CC includes all the Adobe applications for print and web design, as well as video. Adobe also offers single application membership for those, for example, who only use Photoshop.

Pricing is for individuals, teams and enterprise (100-plus users). Many TV stations or graphics departments will fall into the team category, but the larger broadcaster will go for the enterprise schemes. Team pricing works out around $700 per year per person for the complete CC.

Adobe is not updating the Creative Suite beyond CS6, so if you want the new features, then CC is the only route.

All broadcasters must already have copies of Photoshop, and a large proportion will have After Effects and Illustrator. Many are now actively looking at Premiere as a replacement for FCP 7. So, how is this subscription model going to stack up? Well, many broadcasters are already used to this model with Microsoft 360 and AP ENPS. Plus, many products have annual support fees for single apps that are not that dissimilar from the price of the CC, so, from that perspective, it looks a bargain.

Another aspect is Adobe Anywhere, the collaborative workflow platform for video production, which is being rolled out to selected customers.

For the CFO and accountants, CC becomes OPEX, which puts a different slant on how it fits with annual budgets.

Two decisions here for broadcasters: Do I like Premiere Pro and Anywhere, and do I like the monthly seat subscription? And then, there is Photoshop: Stick with CS6 or buy single app licenses?