Addressable Advertising a Top Priority for Many Brands, Agencies in 2021

addressable TV advertising
(Image credit: Dish Media)

NEW YORK—Addressable advertising on TV is the number one priority in 2021 for nearly half of the brands and agencies surveyed in a new study called “The Transformation of Television: Embracing the Era of Addressable TV.”

The study was commissioned by Dish Media, Cadent, Canoe, Comscore, INVIDI Technologies, LiveRamp, Verizon Media, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia, and conducted by Forrester Consulting.

According to the study, while 100% of U.S. brands and agencies in the U.S. that participated in the study have experienced at least one challenge implementing addressable advertising, 46% have it at the top of their to-do list.

Respondents viewed addressable as an opportunity to help improve the effectiveness of targeting capabilities for TV campaigns (62%), improve the ability to tie TV spend to business/sales outcomes (47%) and deliver more personalized and relevant ad experiences to viewers (44%).

Key ways to achieve these, per the study, are to simplify the buying and management of campaigns across suppliers and establishing a single measurement standard for media companies.

Ultimately, the study came up with four recommendations for pushing addressable TV forward:

  • Examine media mix through a consumer-first lens; 
  • Evaluate the technology and data needed to power media planning and strategies; 
  • Broaden the picture of what it means to “buy TV;” and 
  • Test addressable TV programs to build a business case, while preparing for a learning curve 

“The study confirmed our belief that addressable has the potential to transform the industry, but also renewed our sense of urgency to create an aligned and open ecosystem of distributors, measurement platforms and media companies,” said Kevin Arrix, senior vice president of Dish Media. “We now know that the best way to scale addressable is to have widespread industry collaboration, so we must all rapidly evolve to help advertisers optimize addressable for years to come.”

The full report is available to download online.