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ADC showcases new ProAX HF Camera Connector

ADC featured its new ProAx HF Camera Connector, a field-repairable, gender-changeable connector designed to be as easy to use as ProAx Triax connectors, at NAB2008.

ProAx HF is engineered to withstand tough mobile environments, featuring generous coverage of stainless steel on its wear surfaces, shuttered optics to prevent contamination and accidents and O-ring protection that provides an IP68 rating without external protection boots.

The ProAx HF connector offers high optical performance because of its BX.5 APC fiber connector that has a minimum return loss of -65dB and supports newer high data rate demands. The ProAx HF uses industry-standard optical connectors featuring Avalanche and V-groove technology. The ProAx HF connector can be repaired or gender-reversed in the field using common industry tooling.

ADC also offers the ProAx Quad Fiber (F4) connector. It uses common components and technology with the HF connector and allows for a secure and rugged fiber link with minimum loss.

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View ADC’s ProAx HF and F4 Hybrid-Fiber and Quad Fiber connectors at NAB2008.