Abracadabra Calls Upon For-A Video Switchers

CYPRESS, CALIF.—Abracadabra Presentation Graphics has looked into its crystal ball and decided to go with For-A’s new HVS-2000 portable video switcher for help producing events, corporate videos and presentations. The California-based design firm has utilized For-A switchers for the past 10 years and had its first experience with the HVS-2000 product when working with entertainment technology company FNTech.

Deploying it during a cloud computing conference held in Tokyo in October 2015, Abracadabra used the HVS-2000 to switch and feed the event’s live webcast from keynote presentations, feed video from cameras to the main presentation switcher for use on the main presentation screens, and provide video content to delay screens and overflow areas during keynote presentations.

A provider of video and audio systems for broadcast, post-production and professional video markets, For-A is based in Cypress, Calif.