ABI Research report points to success of DNLA certification program

A new report on home networking from ABI Research reveals that the Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA) is having an impact in the homes of millions of consumers with the installed base exceeding more than 440 million DLNA-certified devices, including everything from digital cameras to game consoles and TVs, at the end of last year.

The report, “Home Networking Market Data,” points out the success DLNA is having. According to the research firm, DLNA has had much success, certifying more than 9000 consumer electronics products to date. Certification of software that enables content to stream between DLNA devices over the home network, such as applications like Media Services and Media Player, will advance the goals of the alliance.

“ABI Research believes the DLNA’s software certification program is a significant step that will provide a powerful stimulus to the adoption and connection of devices in consumers’ home networks,” said ABI Research practice director Jason Blackwell. What certification means for consumers is confidence that the certified hardware and software they buy will work as advertised, he added.

The DLNA specification is platform-agnostic, although Windows 7, by embedding it in the operating system, has created more opportunity for Microsoft users. However, the inclusion of third-party vendors will open up the market and create wider choice for consumers, the research firm said.