ABC Stations Get Branded by AccuWeather's Weather Bug

State College, Pa.-based AccuWeather has developed a custom version of its AccuWeather Desktop to fit the look and feel of ABC news stations. New York's WABC is among the first stations to use the e-marketing tool.

AccuWeather teamed up with Oregon-based News Technologies LLC, a developer of news alert systems, to develop AccuWeather Desktop, which can be set up to alert viewers of specific severe weather warnings such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Another way viewers can customize the Desktop is to expand the bug to have a mini-browser with auto-updated weather information from

"By providing breaking news and weather information, it stresses to viewers that ABC stations are the place to turn to for the latest severe weather information and news bulletins," Jim Candor, AccuWeather Senior Vice President said.

The weather bug provides brand exposure for the station since it is always on the user's computer. Branding promotes the stations news and other programming. Stations can also sell ad space on it.