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8-VSB Measurement Seminar Planned for Jan. 19 in Columbia, S.C.

Gary Sgrignoli will present a seminar on VSB Measurements at SCETV in Columbia, S.C. on Thursday, Jan. 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. The seminar is being hosted by SCETV and Harris and is sponsored by Microwave Radio Communications. This seminar has a different focus than the VSB fundamentals seminars Gary has presented for the past several years. The VSB Measurements seminar will cover the types of VSB measurements used in the laboratory, at transmitter sites and during field tests. Topics including signal power and jitter measurement theory and laboratory/transmitter site/remote field measurement methodology, including FCC compliance. He will also cover specific DTV RF parameters to be measured, why these parameters should be measured, and what type of test equipment to use to measure them. If you are planning to purchase VSB test equipment, this part could be very useful, as he will discuss required and desired features and specifications for test equipment.

See the SCETV Seminar Flyer for information on registration, fees and location.