'CSI' Becomes First Mega-Hit Series to go Blu-ray

Following earlier trends set by VHS tape and standard DVD upon their respective emergence, Blu-ray is starting to see the early signs of content beyond movies coming into the digital fold. This spring, the most popular TV series of the current decade, CSI (the original Las Vegas version of the three-set franchise), will start to trickle out in Blu-ray (1080p).

Release date is May 12.

Also similar to initial TV rollouts with earlier video formats, you'll have to wait a while to see anything resembling today's first-run episodes of "CSI" in Blu-ray, although weekly episodes are now routinely available in near-HD online at CBS.com.

The first "CSI" Blu-ray packaged content will start from the beginning. For the series that put the modern era of forensic police work on the TV map and can boast its share of imitators (not to mention two of its own spin-offs), the "beginning" refers to Season One more than eight years ago.

The series is being issued in Blu-ray by Paramount Home Entertainment.