360 Systems offers new four-channel server

360 Systems’ new MAXX-2400 server offers has two-channel video record and four playout channels, in addition to a graphics store with linked key-and-fill capability and 700 hours of storage capacity. It’s a available in both NTSC and PAL versions, handles content in many file formats and provides a wide range of connectivity.

Standard features include composite and SDI video ports, a frame synchronizer for recording wild sources, and a complete set of audio formats, including embedded, AES/EBU digital, and +4 analog. A new folder-based directory and fast search functions help users quickly locate any clip.

MAXX-2400 is ideally suited as a play-to-air server, as a cache for satellite ingest, for graphics storage, in weather systems, remote trucks, and for extra channels in DTV broadcast.

The file-based design of MAXX-2400 streamlines production and on-air tasks by exchanging MPEG-2, IMX, and DV files over GigE with NLEs. It can also be used to import TARGA files, with their alpha channel, from many professional graphics programs.

MAXX-2400 can also be controlled from video switchers, accepting commands to play up to four channels of video and graphics in perfect sync. Most desktop controllers also work with MAXX-2400, making it a good choice for sports and entertainment.

For more information, visit www.360systems.com.