360 Systems Bypassing the NAB Show Floor

360 Systems, maker of hard disk units for various audio and video functions, will not exhibit at The NAB Show in Las Vegas in April as it shifts its sales and marketing strategy.

The company said its new focus will make 360 Systems products more accessible to customers with the addition of newly-added staff, including regional sales representatives. 360 will also be involved with more road show exhibitions, regional and dealer shows, and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) meetings. It will also expand demonstrations at its Westlake Village headquarters.

Company reps will still be in Las Vegas during the convention, meeting with distribution partners and others, but will not have a booth on the show floor.

"As a 36-year old company, we have a long relationship with the NAB convention," said President Robert Easton. "We are finding that changes in broadcasting have narrowed the job titles attending, and other kinds of marketing tactics and activities are becoming increasingly attractive. We want to allocate our resources for best contact with customers, and distribute our exposure across the entire year, rather than concentrating on four days at the NAB convention.

He said the new approach will provide customers with improved access to the company's professional staff when it is most convenient for them.

"For 2008, 360 Systems' offer is, 'To see our products—just call, and we'll have it on your desk,'" the company said in a statement.

360 Systems boats more than 30,000 installed hard disk units around the globe. Brands include Digicart, Instant Replay, Short/cut Editor and the Image Server and Maxx families of video servers.